Ten Cherita by Larry Kimmel

Thanksgiving Day

candles and wine
a 3lb turkey

snow falling
through maple trees
a man and a woman…


it’s her wedding tomorrow

she comes to me in the night

will have to last
for a long time”



10,000 apple drops
lie in the untended orchard

in the kitchen
a floor board


the radiators bang

cod liver oil washed down
by fresh squeezed orange juice

he sits by the oven
warm on one side
shivering on the left


beyond the window, a bony dump*

as late as 1946
each classroom heated by a wood furnace

in summer
from the mine’s maw
cool scary air


a table set for two, a roast in the oven

the phone rings
in a white dress she goes out

whether by choice
or chance, she steps
into traffic


storming out of her home

in night and blizzard
getting as far as the bachelor’s house

staying all winter
and never going back
having the last say


family barbecue

burnt offerings
the ‘chock’ of croquet balls

old, her eyesight gone
she sits apart
faintly smiling


six months missing

anonymous phone call
“your daughter’s at the train station”

crippled and mute
she rocks
the years away


they’d nothing for Christmas that year

a cut spruce by the side of the road
the luck of a pheasant to run over

not a tale
to tell
at a New Age gathering

© 1997 by Larry Kimmel



Larry Kimmel reading cherita poems.



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