Ghosts Entwine

‘ghosts entwine’ – a cherita sequence
sheila windsor (u.k.) hortensia anderson (u.s.a) 
ron moss (tasmania) 
13/01/05 – 17/01/05

every room electric light

reality t.v. 
he wonders if it’s tuesday

at the door, another jar
she can’t open /sw


her secret passion

datura noir and
white camellia

seeping through
Victorian atomisers
hidden in a hope chest /ha


lingering scent

he fingers the reminder
of last night’s loving

ghosts entwine
beneath the indigo lake – 
remembering her warmth /rm


something rusted like a cloud

north wind
the ‘sale’ board faded stoops

yet in the orchard
daffodils, more than before
sun yellow /sw


the moon sinks

rising from the trees
a certain coolness

at day’s end — 
Darjeeling steeps
into deep amber /ha


office block

as darkness creeps
she works alone

only a love-sick cat
and frozen sheets
to call home /rm

Copyright © Winfred Press 2007


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