Forest of Dreams

‘Forest of Dreams’ – a cherita collaboration
Sheila Windsor (U.K.), Larry Kimmel (U.S.)
Ron Moss (Tasmania) Hortensia Anderson (U.S.) 22/01/’05 to 21/02/’05

Part 1 – Little Red Riding Hood

a curl of chimney smoke

at the forest’s edge a cottage
ready for the night

cloak of red
the sweep and swish
beneath a rising moon / s.w.


crossing the river

she follows the firefly
through murk and mystery

an owl hoots – another snickers
where the firefly was
the glow of a cigarillo / l.k.


gnarl of saliva

emerald eyes gleam
in folds of darkness

unleashed from hell
a howl that parts the air
scattering fear / r.m.


her hastening step

a crush of pine needles
releases their resinous scent

twigs reach out to touch
her tumbling blonde hair
and tangle it / h.a.


groan of door

a scream through the shawl

drips a pulp
and grandma’s brain hangs
from his grinning jaw / s.w.


crime scene tape

“lost in the woods, huh?
anyone see ya?”

coarse laughter
some of Nottingham’s finest
snarking donuts from a basket / l.k.


Part 2 – ‘Briar Rose’

spins the wheel

a witch’s cackle
penetrates the castle wall

‘hush now baby girl’
over distant marsh lands
hangs the mist of fall / s.w.

the legend grows

beauty to be roused
from poisoned slumber

child’s sword
slays the crimson dragon
in diamonds of fire / r.m.


piercing stillness

only silence
broken by the cry of birds

crossing earth and water
the prince has dreams
of a kiss, a rose… / h.a.


after the brambles

the creak of a leather jacket
room to room

flies stopped in flight
a pitcher pouring but not pouring
portraits with closed eyes / l.k.


curtain of velvet drift

sunbeams of dust
across leadlight and stone

lips like shaded cherry
meet in a moment of time . . .
she sleeps no more / r.m.


porcelain arms open

as if spellbound again
until just before day

the swirl of waltzes
through silkened space
as they go on their way… / h.a.

Copyright © Winfred Press 2007


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