Blue Star

‘Blue Star’ – a cherita collaboration
between Ron Moss (Tas.) Sheila Windsor (U.K.) 
Hortensia Anderson (U.S.A.) 
30/7/’05 – 10/8/2005

first blue star

the lake sinks deeper
and smudges the setting sky

tussock grass
their ochre hue awash
with a farmhouse light /rm


thoughts of home

table laid with white linen
the crumble golden

in a voice melodic
and strange to my ear
i call down the sun /sw


rising moon

darkness leans
against the window panes

a Satie Sarabande
in harmony
with fresh-cut flowers /ha


frozen potato blooms

the field shimmers
with freshly ploughed soil

at dawn
the newly hung bed-sheets
soften mother’s shadow /rm


beneath the eaves

silken threads
twist and turn a fly

sleeping bag
rank and unravelled
this too is taken away /sw


black clouds disperse

up above a world
that has turned to dusk

in the hard sand
i write haiku, read and erased
only by the sea /ha

Copyright © Winfred Press 2007


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